Teach English
in paradise

Increasing the English-language proficiency of children all over Thailand and enhancing the employment prospects of the next generation.

Thailand's most-ambitious ever English education programme

The nationwide scheme, initiated and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, falls under the remit of a charitable organisation. Funded by international corporations, we utilise the skills, resources and expertise of Thailand’s private sector and international schools to work with Thailand’s 1,246 magnet schools. Magnet schools are public education schools that provide innovative curriculum and teaching methods to their pupils. As a central hub, they offer the perfect opportunity for us to provide training and resources that will benefit the children, staff, connecting feeder schools and wider community. We see this structure, with the private sector providing core infrastructural support and funding, as essential to ensuring the long-term success of the initiative and protecting it from any political ambitions.


Enhancing the English- language proficiency and life skills for the children of Thailand.


Investing in Thailand’s remote communities and helping our tourism industry to thrive.


Investing in the next generation of workers to make Thailand economically competitive in international business and trade.

About the programme

Our Mission: To establish an international programme for recruiting and placing native English-language teachers in schools all over Thailand to increase Thai children’s English proficiency and the next generation’s employment prospects.

  • Endorsed by the Thai Ministry of Education.
  • Targeting 1,246 magnet schools across the country.
  • Leveraging the skills, resources and expertise of Thailand’s largest corporations, including ThaiBev and True.
  • Supported by local and international education institutions.
  • Supported by the Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA Ambassadors to Thailand.
  • Native English-language teachers recruited locally and from a global network of universities.

"Reducing inequality, improving prospects
and increasing competitiveness."

CSR opportunities for business

Positive brand image

Consistent, positive brand exposure in a long-term nationwide, government-endorsed campaign with extensive international coverage.

Invest in your future workforce

Invest in the next generation of employees and business people.  Improved English proficiency will open up more opportunities for students in further education and employment.

New recruitment possibilities

An opportunity to identify talent ahead of the competition in previously untapped recruitment channels.

Increase networking opportunities

Increased networking opportunities and exposure to the Thai education sector, international schools and our partner businesses, including Thailand’s 12 largest, best-known corporations (Pratcharat).

How your financial support will help us

Funding for the first 12 months will support: 

A core team of staff to manage marketing, international recruitment, training, placements, support to volunteers, relationships with schools and universities, and evaluation. 

Two pilot projects delivering four weeks’ English lessons in 30 to 40 Thai schools.


For more information about joining this important initiative, please contact:

Nick Argles,
Business Development and Expat Life in Thailand,
08972 13384
LINE ID: 33riverside

James Whiting,
Project and Partnerships Manager,
phone 09571 99524
LINE ID: jamesjby